Welcome to the WelcomeME Customer Service Certification Program

WelcomeME is a free, web-based customer service certification program for use on laptop or desktop devices. Designed to support Maine’s tourism industry, this training helps to create superior customer experiences. Any student or employee working in Maine hospitality will benefit from this easily accessible, high-quality, and affordable training solution.

Instructions: Students using this training program are encouraged to complete the sections in order over a single 60 minute training session. Optionally, you can complete it over time, again completing sections sequentially and then taking the quiz to receive a certificate. If completing the training over time, it is important to use the same computer for the training when you return so you can pick up exactly where you left off. The WelcomeME presentations and quiz were designed for use on a desktop or laptop computer and will not function as intended on a mobile phone or tablet.

This program was been made possible by:

and the Maine Tourism Alliance